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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 25, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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without showing the rest of us how it is going to make our lives better. that's an honest question. we can't avoid it forever simply by shrieking "racist." that's it for us tonight. we had from washington to new york city, the beating heart, where sean hannity awaits. >> sean: bill kristol is not worth a second of your time, just saying. tucker, busy news night. breaking right now tonight on "hannity," the department of justice has found the five months of critical missing text messages between trump bashing fbi lovebirds peter struck at mesa page. we reported this right here last night on this show. also breaking on this hour, just released text messages, 21 from strzok and page commercial more evidence that in fact the fix was in as it relates to the clinton email investigation. also, they suggested that a special counsel be appointed to the client an email case and that is not alternates. with congressional republicans
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now signaling that they are going to release the classified memo, hopefully we'll see it next week, "the daily beast" is beginning to leak some of that memo and they are reporting james comey, andrew mccabe, rod rosenstein, are all named in that explosive document exposing fisa abuses against the president and his campaign. huge news, we have every single detail, why we are calling on all of you, keep up the pressure, police, it's making a difference. call congress and we'll give you the number, it's only part of our very important opening monologue and we have a lot more to tell you. buckle up and welcome to "hannity" ." ready, do it again. one, two, three, go. ♪ there we go. we start tonight with major developments we have to tell you about. as we first reported on "hannity," the department of justice have tracked on the five
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months of missing text messages between the trump-hating fbi agents peter strzok at least page. fox news is also learning at this hour that at least four phones, two isn't enough, belonging to strzok and page have in fact bernard carter.mike recovered. sara carter has a brand-new report tonight that is raising very serious questions about why the fbi blamed samsung and why the they could not recover those messages. we'll have those details. the good news is that we have those messages, which are in that critical time period during the "trans-russia" investigatio. we were missing all of that. the bad news is that the inspector general is now reviewing the messages to turn over to congress. why not just released them? let the public decide, let the people decide, the american people, let them see how corrupt and biased fees fbi agents, peter strzok and lisa page, really are. there is a total of over 50,000
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messages. tonight we have the new ones that will provide more incontrovertible evidence that the fix was in on this clinton email investigation. senator chuck grassley released a new batch. on february 25th, 2016, lisa page texas strzok... remember, he interviewed her. back in february, strzok and page are already talking about going easy on the clinton investigation into the emails because they thought she would become the president. and then retaliate against the doj and the fbi. stop for a second. in early may, before they interviewed hillary clinton, think about this, they are writing an exoneration before an investigation.
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remember, he is the guy that interviewed hillary, and general flynn. that year, james comey, strzok, other fbi officials, they started drafting this exoneration months before interviewing clinton and 17 other key witnesses. ever hear of that? what we are now developing here is a fact pattern that is showing a massive cover-up and obstruction of justice case. in february, strzok and page were worried about upholding the rule of law, conducting the investigation against clinton because they thought she would would make the election. strzok, comey, and company changed the language from the legal standard of gross negligence to extreme carelessness. may not sound like a big difference but legally, it's a huge difference, even though it means the same thing. that means clinton would not face charges. they were putting the fix in. the fix was in at the evidence was overwhelming. it's not all. strzok and page discussed and addressed release tax, they were
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talking about appointing a special counsel to do the clinton probe because they don't want to be blamed if they go after her because it may come back to bite them. on march 18th, strzok writes... senator grassley says that is patrick fitzgerald, from the valerie plame affair.
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[reading texts] it doesn't end there. this is insane. i may 30th, 2016, page says to strzok... we assume that is andrew mccabe. the deputy fbi director. i know this is a lot to absorb. this is what it all means.
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strzok, who played a key and central and pivotal role in the entire clinton email investigation, which includes overseeing fbi interviews with hillary and her top aides and page, the top legal counselor for andrew mccabe, the deputy fbi guy, they both thought four months a special counsel should have been appointed. they didn't want her being mad at them. if strzok and page thought that then, doesn't that mean we should have a special counsel now? we have even more evidence that the fix was in that hillary clinton, scary, but she was protected. this was rigged, just like the primary with bernie. we have a new text about andrew mccabe and his recusal in the investigation. strzok texts...
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[reading texts] so comey's chief of staff only wanted mccabe to recuse himself because of public perception. not because of the fact that mccabe's wife got the 700 grand in a campaign contribution from terry mcauliffe, an insane amount for any race in the commonwealth of virginia, and democrats, it turned out to be a failed state senate run. you see the connection?
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andrew mccabe, deputy director, friends with strzok and page, private meetings, insurance policy, 700 grand for his wife, and on top of all tha that, comey was not doing a real investigation. he was turning a blind eye to what we know where felonies and crimes committed by clinton. other strzok and page messages indicate that the attorney general, we told you this last night, loretta lynch, she also knew hillary clinton was not going to be charged. strzok knew it, comey knew it, mccabe knew it, and loretta lynch. this happened even after lynch took a backseat in the investigation after getting caught talking to bill clinton on the tarmac for 40 minutes about grandchildren, another lie. we also know that lynch told comey to call the investigation a matter not an investigation. comey complied. this is the very definition of corruption and government, not rank and file fbi.
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not rank and file doj. not rank and file intelligence. no, the upper echelon. we have top figures in obama's fbi and department of justice literally betraying the rule of law and shredding the constitution. why? because they wanted hillary clinton to continue on as a presidential candidate and not charged for the obvious felonies she committed with the email server investigation and she could beat donald trump in the general election and they don't want to get her mad anywa anyway. these facts, this evidence, is so transparent and obvious, a 10-year-old could understand it. except if you work in the news media. this so-called investigation from the get-go, it was a sham. we now have the evidence. the type of thing you only see in a banana republic. all of that is a lot to take in and process but this is only the start of information that we have tonight. "the daily beast" tonight is in
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fact reporting the classified four page memo names is specifically -- the first week on this memo, we'll probably get it out for the state of the union next week -- fired and disgraced former fbi director james comey, the deputy fbi director, andrew mccabe, the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, and deep state officials, they abused are parked on my powerful fisa surveillance powers, they are mentioned. we don't know what the memo says about these three corrupt officials and what they did but here is what we do know. top ranking officials at the doj, at the fbi, they used in the abused the powerful, unmatched tools of intelligence that we give our government to protect us, but they used it in this case to spy on members of a presidential opposition party in a campaign year and then a president-elect, and the reason why they did it is to influence first the election and then undermine the choice of the
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american people. they never thought donald trump would become president because this group of deep state bureaucrats thought that they could subvert your will come of the will of the american people. no liberal mainstream media -- you know what -- we are not talking about rank and file. we respect rank and file fbi, doj, intelligence officials. most people work tirelessly. they risk their lives every single day to protect us and serve us. here's who we have been exposing that after night. this is a rogue group of obama administration holdovers that despise donald trump, then candidate, no president. they tried to stop them from becoming president and since have tried to undermine him at every turn. the reason the american people, we have been telling you about all of this can be exposed,
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investigated, all crimes be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. we are asking you again tonight's, keep up the pressure. keep calling your members of congress, keep demanding that this memo be released. there is the number at the bottom of your screen. 202-20 to 4-3121. tell congress, release the memo. we are demanding to know truth. we want to see the underlying documents that support it. also, with the u.s. economy on an absolute tear, president trump rolled into the world economic forum in davos switzerland and he got a hero's welcome. look at this headline from "the drudge" report. "trump storms davos speech, pops to 45% approval, same as obama, and the dow soaring." president trump, just like he's been doing for over a year, declare to the world, america is open for business, and america's back. take a look.
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>> we want great prosperity and we want a great piece. that is really the message. things have been going really well, a lot of people are coming back to united states. we are seeing tremendous investment and today has been a very exciting day, very great day. i just want to thank everybody. the receptivity that we've had in the united states has had being here, it's incredible. sitting around this table are some of the greatest business leaders in the world, some of the greatest companies in the world, probably i can think of no other place or time where you'll have executives of the stature. i just want to say that there is been a lot of warmth, a lot of respect for our country, and a lot of money. billions and billions of dollars is coming into the u.s., and people are very happy with what we've done, not only on the tax bill, but also cutting of regulations, and i think also bring a cheerleader for our
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country. if you're not a cheerleader for your company or your country, no matter what happens, it's not going to work. that is what i've been in that is what my whole group has been. >> sean: the president was so well-received that even liberal conspiracy tv msnbc actually had to admit it. this was almost priceless. liberal joe, dr. joe, and liberal miko, dr. mika brzezinski, watch this. >> got people tweeting me saying, let me talk about the protesters? there are no protesters. zero protesters. you can't get near here. >> we need to put in perspective, there are zero protesters -- because people can't be here. it's because you can't get there. >> you saw what happened when the president came in, they were taking pictures, like a rock concert. that is not to say that it was a warm welcome, it was a rock star welcome and that, while matt, everybody wanted to see donald trump. if he comes out this way, it will be the same thing, the crowds around donald trump are really big. you've been here, you know that
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there are world leaders and sometimes they have a small entourage and the people take pictures, it is totally different with donald trump. he's getting a big reception, don't know how warm it is but it's a big reception and he will try and cut some deals. we'll follow it through the course of the day. >> we should point out, it may be a rock star caliber reception but there is no rock star stage. the president, no leather pants, no shredded t-shirt. he is still in his classic suit. >> sean: wait a minute, the crazy guy, who is demented and has early onset alzheimer's? they are like him? no. he's earning this. the world is beginning to see the possibility of massive economic growth in the president is such a deliver a major speech tomorrow. ed henry is here with a full preview of all of that later. what is happening with the economy is not a coincidence. what we are seeing taking place is a direct result of the president's policies, which are the complete opposite of the failure of barack obama. take a look at this side of your screen. these are all the companies --
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they are giving their workers bonuses and raises because of the tax cuts. that is more money in the pockets of the forgotten men and women, remember, they were at the heart of this last election. of course, they completely out of touch democrats, look at nancy pelosi, debbie wasserman schultz, they are calling these bonuses crumbs. we will have more on that later tonight. get ready, nancy, you may want to watch. here's an important one. the tax cuts haven't even taken full effect yet. we have a record high stock market, over 2.2 million jobs created since donald trump was elected, record low unemployment, including all-time lows for african-americans and hispanics, in terms of what their work numbers are, consumer confidence at an all-time high. 2 million fewer people on food stamps and consecutive quarters of over 3% gdp and we had a president for eight years, the only one in history, that never had a single year of 3% gdp. these results speak for themselves.
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another fact that proves that president trump has nothing to hide. the white house has voluntarily -- they've handed over 20,000 pages to robert mueller and his band of merry democratic donors. you know, andrew weissmann at the rest of them. mueller has collected a whopping -- get this -- 1.4 million pages of documents. from the trump campaign and their investigation. that is not something you will hear from the mainstream media. that is called transparency. tonight, for example, they are trying to change the story. "the new york times" is trying to distract you. they have a story that trump wanted to mueller fired sometime last june and our sources, i've checked in with many of them, they are not confirming it. the president's attorney dismissed the story and says no comment, we are not going there. how many times as "the new york times" and others got in the year with reaction, fox news national security strategist, former deputy
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assistant to the president, sebastian gorka, and fox news contributor herman cain. sebastian, we start with you tonight. these text messages, if they don't put it over the top for those that have been trying to cling like a lifeline to this phony russia-trump narrative, collusion narrative, i don't know what will. >> nothing, sean. let's put this into perspective. very simply put. one of the most senior agents of the fbi responsible for the hillary server gate investigation decided and put in a text message to his lover, "i'm going to give hillary special treatment because, hey, she might be the next president. that is the definition of the perversion of justice. that is the definition of corruption. not surprisingly, "the daily beast" is already behind the curve. we know about comey, we know
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about strzok, rosenstein, talking to my sources, there are 12 people, 12 people in this conspiracy at the highest level -- >> sean: are these people mentioned in the memo? >> no. this is not in the memo, this is phase two. remember, the memo is the tip of the iceberg. sean, i'm worried. the g.o.p. doesn't understand strategic communication. if they don't release this memo now, they will lose the war in this communications battlefield. they are being diligent, very cautious, but the fact is, you see adam schiff spinning, the republicans are taking weeks and months to get everything double checked. they will lose the communications war on the conspiracy will continue because these people, sean, they are still at the fbi! they are still at the doj! they should have been stripped of their badge, stripped of their gone, and perp walked out of the hoover building months ago. >> sean: how is it possible, herman cain, i think dr. gorka raises a good point, that police
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a page still has a job? and peter strzok? how do they still have jobs? how does andrew mccabe have a job? i was james comey not under investigation? how was that not possible? >> it is possible because of the methods that they know that they can use to create barriers. number one, somebody should go to jail, and i agree with dr. gorka. yes, the republicans need to insist all of your viewers, you should insist to your representatives and your senators, release the memo. the reason that most of the democrats on the intelligence oversight committee didn't want to read it is because they know it had a damaging. somebody should go to jail and until they release that memo, we won't be able to get to the bottom of this and let's face
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it, the american people are paying for this. we deserve transparency and the letter tree and spans heresy is truth. >> sean: plus release all of it. >> released them all! >> why don't they want to release them? it's very simple. they have something to hide from the american people and from the public and they need to release the memo and release the memo. sb run release the memo and release the texts. dr. gorka, what we are learning tonight -- and i it gets confusing, i can put them on the side of the screen -- as you look at what strzok and pedro saying to each other, it is unbelievable to me that all of this happened, they still have a job. they wanted to protect hillary clinton unless she became president, they had an insurance policy. we know that comey, mccabe,
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strzok, page, and loretta lynch all knew she was never going to be indicted. that is not an investigation. that is called obstruction of justice, especially in light of what we know, mishandling classified information, felony. destroy classified information, felony. she did all of that and even comey to set it worse. destroying 33,000 subpoenaed emails and it gets worse. acid watching and bleach bidding the hard drives so you never find them again. and who takes a hammer to bust up their old blackberry unless you are trying to hide something and obstruct justice? >> sean, you have outlined what hillary did, and these are all felonies. the private server, the destruction of evidence, these are all felonious activities. we know she's a criminal, we know she had accomplices. what's even worse is that under the obama administration, the fbi's management aided and abetted her. she wasn't sworn under oath.
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the laptops that they took from her were destroyed, not by hillary, they were destroyed by the fbi! they allowed her best friend, who was also a suspect, to act as her counsel in that interview. how did that happen? that happened because the obama administration allowed it to happen. the right name for all of this is obama gate because if he doesn't allow this to happen, it doesn't happen. >> sean: i will tell you, i never thought herman cain in my lifetime that we would see people, at this level of power, literally thinking that they can use a bought and paid for phony dossier of hillary clinton to get a fisa warrant, first ally to the american people, and propagandize the american people with russian lies, and then to use that very dossier to get a
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fisa warrant to spy on an opposition candidate and a presidential election year, and then use it to undermine a president-elect. this is not a banana republic, herman cain. this is the stuff of a banana republic. >> sean come on my last word is simply this: somebody is going to go to jail. the only question is, who and when? i want to remind people, due process takes time. but somebody is going to jail, based upon the information that we already have, and we get the other information from the memo and the missing emails, somebody is going to jail and they should. >> sean: i have no doubt. if we have equal justice under the law, and we follow the law, and we believe in our constitution, all of what you said should come true. thank you both. herman cain, sebastian gorka, great job. yet another breaking development tonight.
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according to a 2016 text that we just obtained moments ago, and battled fbi official peter strzok told his girlfriend that top officials of the fbi actively withheld information from congress following requests. this text reads in part... wow. this just broke moments ago. joining us now with more on this development, the chairman of the tertiary committee, congressman bob goodlatte. welcome to new york. >> great to be with you and your viewers. >> sean: anything i am saying, before i get to this new information, that's wrong? >> we don't know everything that is right yet so it's absolutely critical that we get all this information out. but this is very alarming. it is absolutely something that
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the congress needs to pursue in the american people need to know about. the calls for transparency are absolutely -- >> sean: it sounds like they are withholding -- my interpretation -- things from congress. >> that is how i read this text that we have provided today. this text, strzok references 302s, as you know, they are reports filed by fbi agents after they interview witnesses. they were requested by the congress and strzok is talking to lisa page and he says, there are very inflammatory things in the 302s we did not turn over to congress because they weren't relevant to understanding the focus of the investigation that are going to come out and absolutely inflame congress. now why is it that folks in the fbi make that decision rather than the united states congress? what is relevant to the american
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people. >> sean: we have coequal branches of government and we have oversight of congress on particular of these branches. let me ask you this. this is -- they first talked of an insurance policy, i believe it is andrew mccabe, strzok and page. they knew that there was nothing that was going to happen. peter strzok is literally exonerating with james comey hillary clinton. they start this in early may. she's not interview to the fourth of july. july 1st, we find out loretta lynch, profile in courage, loretta lynch also knows nothing is going to happen to hillary. we have comey, page, strzok, mccabe, loretta lynch, knowing nothing is going to happen, exoneration before investigation. is that common practice? i didn't know you brought exonerations before you actually did the investigation. >> absolutely not. it shows an unbelievably
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contrasting approach to the investigation of one presidential candidate compared to the investigation of the other presidential candidate. >> sean: what about the hate that we see? loathsome, f trump, between page and strzok, and strzok is up to his eyeballs and everything. he even conducted the interview with hillary. before comey publicly exonerates her after 13 and a half minutes speech where you think he is going to indict her. >> he edited -- >> sean: how many times? they hate trump. he also was appointed by mueller. all the mueller appointments are clinton, obama, dnc donors. there is no trump donors in there. and then i look at andrew weissmann. here's a guy that got it wrong, 9-0 decision in the supreme court overturning him. he held back exculpatory evidence and don't tell mike a particular case, four merrill lynch executives go to jail, tha
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return, does that sound like someone who should be hired by robert mueller entered the special counsel beat disbanded based on what we know? >> it's very concerning about andrew weissmann and more than just strzok honest investigation but i am not prepared to call for ending the investigation. i think that there has to be transparency about what's going on behind the scenes, not with the investigation itself -- >> sean: is there a evidence of trump-russia collusion? >> i haven't seen it. >> sean: no one has seen it. all right, congressman, great to see you. i know you are working hard. last question. rod rosenstein walked into paul ryan's office, i know this happened, this was -- we are coming up on the deadline for the information that led to the memo from the house until committee. that is interesting to me, begging ryan not to release it. as a look at that behavior and look at it -- you read the memo, correct? >> i have indeed.
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>> sean: will i be shocked? >> based upon what you're talking about here, i don't think i should comment but i will say this, it is very important for the american people to see it because it is a very important issue that could concern all of us. >> sean: we should have all 50,000 text messages, shouldn't we? >> i think the text messages, as long as they don't contain anything about sources and methods -- >> sean: we don't want to put anyone in jeopardy. >> i think they should be available. we are thrilled to get the new text messages because it fits exactly into what we are talking about. we requested them today and we requested them unredacted so we can make a judgment about what is important in this investigation and not the people who are being investigated. >> sean: congressman, we need oversight more than ever. i am really concerned that a grave injustice under great corruption has happened, not rank-and-file, at the very top. >> a lot is happening.
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we've got a good inspector general, who as i said to you on your radio program yesterday, we have other ways to find it. guess what? he found them. >> sean: we got all four phones. how many phones do you have? >> i have one. >> sean: normal. okay. good to see you. sara carter, breaking news, gregg jarrett, so much more. stay with us. ♪
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>> >> sean: on this busy breaking news night, and henry is in washington with new information about "the new york times" report. is it my understanding and reading that these are anonymous sources? >> it is anonymous sources, people who are familiar with robert mueller on the special counsel's investigation. "the new york times" suggesting that last june, the president indicated to his senior aides that he wanted to fire robert mueller, he believed he had conflicts, the reports that you want others were siding at the
10:37 pm
time, last summer, that robert mueller hired a lot of lawyers on the special counsel team who had donated money to democratic candidates, also, one piece of it i've been able to confirm, i just spoke to a source familiar with this, think the president did have a business dispute with robert mueller years ago involving his golf club in virginia that mueller had been a member of, might be relatively minor and the grand scheme of things but it was something that was an issue between them. the bottom line, though, "the new york times" assigning anonymous sources, saying that president, last june, told senior aides that he wanted a fire robert mueller over conflicts and then went on and was told by the white house counsel, don mcgann, that he would quit if the president told him to do that because he thought that this would be a political land mine for the president. bottom line is, i just spoke also to ty cobb, a white house lawyer, who told me he has no
10:38 pm
independent confirmation of any of this but said that the white house simply, sean, will not comment out of respect for the special counsel and has investigation. they don't want to weigh in, confirm, deny. they are simply moving forward and trying to cooperate as much as they can with this investigation. >> sean: thank you so much, ed henry. we appreciate it. here with my reaction, fox news contributor sara carter, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. let's start with the new text messages, sara. >> they are very explosive. when you hear bob goodlatte talk about it, the fact that they have the 302 witness interviews, sean, and they don't want to share this with congress because they are afraid of how inflammatory they will be, the fact they did withhold them. remember how long it took for congress to even get these text messages, to get these fbi witness, 302 interviews? this is a really -- that is part
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of the dispute that you see now. between the doj at at the house intelligencet committee. the house intelligence committee says, look, you guys held back forke us, we ask for these documents on the fbi and doj held back and they finally gave in and now that we have our investigation semiwrapped up, you don't want us to share it with the american public. i think people deserve to see it. >> sean: gregg jarrett. of course, the news media sheep anonymous sources, my good friend joe concha put out a tweet and it reminds us of everything. i'm sure the president did look at conflicts of interest, as he should. absolutely legit event, just like it's legitimate to say, who did you vote for? the media tries to make the biggest deal out of it. remember last june, anonymous sources, wasn'tny it maggie hagerman and other "new york times" reporter is telling us of the secretary of
10:40 pm
state rex tillerson would be long gone by now and haven't we had a number of these "washington post" "new york times" stories end up being debunked with their phony anonymous sourcing? >> yeah, these are not reliable reporters. by the way, there have been innumerable sources that trump wanted to fire mueller. i would come too, mueller had two conflicts of interest. the president felt like he wanted to get rid of them and get other people who could be fair, objective, and neutral. i must say, sean, with every text message of the -- that is revealed, a a roku group of high-ranking officials at the fbi decided on their own that they would clear hillary clinton for political reasons, they change the wording -- >> sean: they didn't want to make the next president matter. >> they assumed she would be
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president. they were clearing the path for her and simultaneously, the backup plan, let's destroy donald trump's candidacy and if he wins, real destroy his presidencycy with a false investigation ofoy crimes he ner committed and they knew it. >> sean: becauseri we learnedw that last night, sara. there was no they are there. buter if i can be involved in history, and an impeachment, i would love to do it. >> i think what is so enormously frustrating, talking to law enforcement officials, the minute the fbi issue that statement about a technical glitch and they wouldn't be able to retrieve the text messages, i was getting calls day andnd nig, for the last few days, from fbi investigators, criminal investigators that said there is no way, they are lying, blatantly lying. if they have the devices, they can retrieve the text t message. even if they've been deleted, they can still get them. they want to know why did the
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fbi lie again and another question i think it's really important on the reason why americans are soso frustrated ad i see it over and over i again. we have a criminal investigation into president trump and his campaign members based on shoddy evidence, no evidence, dossier, salacious dossier, and here we have an enormous abundance of evidence of obstruction of justice, possibly all kinds of criminal activity here, and there isn't a criminal investigation. it's a -- the scale of justice don't seem to be balanced. >> sean: what are we looking for? what should happen? >> four page memo. there is a reason why the department of justice sent over a letter trying to convince the intel committee trying not to release it publicly. guys like rod rosenstein i know that it's bad evidence of their illegal conduct. it's a crime, called abusive
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power, deprivation, to use a false document, the dossier, to spy on anybody, much less a political candidate for president of the united states. it wouldn't surprise me if itybs not just rosenstein involved, mccabe and comey, there are a lot of people. i agree with your earliere guests. they are going to jail. >> sean: this is the first ten, 15%. there is more following the memo.em sara, that is what you are reporting. >> absolutely. i was told if there were ten bullets, and there are, this is only one of those ten. there are so much more that needs to be revealed on so much more that needs to be investigated and will be getting matt. >> people willo start taking the fifth very soon. >> sean: i never thought in our country. when we come back, dan bongino, austan goolsbee, you don't want to miss this, straight ahead. ♪
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>> sean: here with reaction to our fox news tonight we h >> sean: here with reaction, we have former secrets secret e agentt dan bongino and obama advisor austan goolsbee. he will be the main guy and he will talk about we don't want to make hillary clinton mad. what wear will do is let's forgt and we will change the memo, we'll start writing and exoneration for an investigation investigation, we all know, comey will know, mccabe will know, loretta lynch will not, then we'll interview here and go out and say she's good. i'm sure you're happy with the way justice, the way wheels of justice role in this case. >> sean, my new year's resolution was i was not going to let you agitate me. i will stay in my happy spot.
10:49 pm
what are you saying? your accusation is that because they had -- >> sean: let me educate you. mishandling classified information is a crime. destroying such as a crime. deleting subpoenaed emails as obstruction, using acid wash on your hard drive shows obstruction w -- have you ever busted a mobile device with a hammer? >>us i haven't with a hammer. >> sean: use a sledge hammer or a golf club? >> i dropped it in a pool. >> sean: in a watch? >> i dropped it in a swimming pool. >> i can't for the life of me understand why a relatively smart people like austan don't
10:50 pm
get it, these fbi agents at the senior level were involved. this is so obvious, austan has got an advanced degree from college and he can't admit this. sean, one quick then, i knowhe where austan will go, what, these fbi guys had bad political opinions and they made stupid texts, that is not the point. these were the people intimately exonerationthe letter changing the language to exonerate hillary clinton from a federal crime. >> sean: they did that way before they ever talk to her or the witnesses. everybody in law enforcement, dan, you were in law enforcement, you always write the exoneration just in case, months before the investigate. >> no, only when you are so politically biased that you want the outcome in advance. this was ridiculous. >> sean: you are fine withau this, austan? >> it's not that i'm fine with it. it's that mueller is a career and lifetime republican, these
10:51 pm
are good law enforcement officers conducting the investigation, and it's really not ain good thing to be criticizing the fbi t because there is one person -- >> sean: excuse me -- >> you are worked up that it is a secret society, that's a joke. >> sean: i don't know about the secure society. you can interpreted one way, i don't know. but what we do know is enough. they hated trump. he was involved in the investigation. we do know, before comey announced it, he is saying that he and mccabe and comey and page and loretta lynch know it's never going to happen. really? how would he know? it wasn't his decision. >> i understand you don't like him. i can't pronounce his name. i don't know how you say it. but he was p fired from strzok.
10:52 pm
if you are trying to suggest that we should not pay attention to potential n crimes that the special counsel is investigatin investigating, i totally disagree. >> sean: do you think robert mueller could have found ron republican? he has all obama donors, clinton donors, over 50 grand. just one, maybe one? >> his chief bulldog sends a congratulations email to sally yates when she defies president trump. austan, i cannot believe, with a serious face, that you are defending this. i presented to you -- >> you are asking mueller to violate the rules of the justice department. >> austan, i presented to you two facts, that the people involved in this investigation was also intimately involved in the drafting of an exoneration letter and are very suspicious
10:53 pm
fashion. you mentioned mueller. i did not mention mueller. >>t how does hillary clinton hae anything to do with robert mueller's investigation? >> riddle me this, i will ask you a question, because in the initial draft of the comey exoneration memo, there is a line about hillary on the private email, emailing another senior government official. you know who that is, austan, barack obama! and it was peter strzok and his buddies, the same people who took that line out. what do you to say about that one? >> peter strzok was fired from the mueller investigation when they found out about the text messages! >> sean: after the damage was done. >> you can be as mad as you want at peter strzok. >> peter strzok is still employed at the fbi. >> robert mueller is a lifetime republican. >> you ask me what this has to
10:54 pm
do with hillary, and hillary clinton was exonerated in advance by a guy who was tweeting about how much he had domesticated donald trump. >> sean: hang on, let me join in. austan, it's been a year. give me one example of trump-russia collusion. real quick. >> four people have been indicted from a campaign. >> sean: out on russia. thank you both. a very special laura ingraham edition of the hannity hotline. you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters,
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>> sean: we have sources tonight confirming to ed henry that yeah, maybe donald trump wanted to fire the special counsel for a conflict, does he not have the right to raise those conflicts? we'll deal with it tomorrow night. a shocking video of the day. this footage comes from arizona, you see that red suv, high-speed police chase? the suspect's vehicle slams into
10:59 pm
another car, flipped several times before coming to a stop. the driver eventually comes out of the car, but instead of running, he stands around until police arrive and then probably arrest him. the driver of the other vehicle is taken to the hospital. nonlife-threatening injuries. asp special hannity hotline addition. a laura ingraham edition. i hope she is listening.
11:00 pm
>> sean: 877-225-8587. we'll always be fair and balanced. we are not the destroy trump media. this really is awful. >> i am fixing my hair. tucker does have better hair than i do, no doubt about it bu, you have the best hair ever, when hundred% and you and tucker should have a hair-off. >> sean: i get the crap beat out of me by the audience and play it and try to be fair and say one night, said the comments to laura, i stay up until 11:00 till laura and you know what i say, have a good show >> laura: he always teases me and is a nice moment and don't know if i can take a big


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